🎙 Your Secret with Allāh

3 easy ways to have secret deeds for Allāh

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Assalāmu ‘alaykum 👋

Faisal here.

Welcome back to the inner circle of Freshly Grounded, today, we're talking about a treasure trove that's not marked on any map, a stash of jewels kept in the most secure vault there is – your heart. (cheesy, i know)

Here’s what we got today:

  • Your secret with Allāh

  • Pic of the day 🤣

  • How to help our brothers and sisters in Palestine

🤐 Your Secret with Allāh

I wanted to take some time to write to you guys about the idea of having secret good deeds that nobody knows about, which tbh is more difficult nowadays than it sounds.

In a world where everything is broadcasted, we're going to take a step back. We're talking about good deeds so private, so under the radar, that only you and Allah know about them.

🔒 Why Keep it a Secret?

Think of it like this: there's power in secrecy. When you do a good deed and keep it between you and Allah, it's pure, untainted by the desire for recognition or applause. It's direct. Between you and the Almighty, no witnesses.

🌙 The Nightly Win: Tahajjud

Let's get practical. Tahajjud is a prime example. It's like a covert mission in the depths of the night.

When the world sleeps, you're up, whispering your secrets, your hopes, your repentance.

It's a spiritual time where you can worship your Lord without anyone knowing.

💰 Charity: The Silent Transaction

Charity doesn't always need an audience.

Drop a few bills in the donation box without a soul knowing. Help someone anonymously. Let the only receipt of this transaction be with Allah.

🔐 Leaving Things for Allah

And now, let's talk about a different kind of secret – abandoning a bad habit or action, known only to you and Allah.

This is about choosing to leave behind something displeasing to Allah.

It's like silently closing a door on a dark room, walking away without a backward glance, your heart lighter with every step.

This silent renunciation is a powerful act of devotion, a secret pact of transformation.

🔑 The Takeaway

So here's the deal: start building your treasury of hidden good deeds. Make them your secret weapon in this life and your investment for the hereafter.

These acts are the real power moves, the ones that count where it matters most.

Until our next confidential meeting, keep these treasures safe, and your connection with Allah even safer. And remember, in this exclusive club of ours, the best secrets are the ones shared only with the Almighty.

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🎙New Podcast Episode

Pic of the Week

We usually use this section of the newsletter to highlight an interesting or funny picture. But on today’s edition we want to use this digital real-estate to help you donate to emergency relief in Palestine. Emaan Relief have not asked us to post their link but they just happen to be one of the charities we know personally and that are on the ground giving aid. Feel free to donate.

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Over and out. Walk the path less traveled, with your hidden deeds as your guide.

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