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  • Never get creative block again: content calendar for Muslim creators

The Unseen Foundations: How Our Private Deeds Shape Public Rewards

In a world where public recognition often dictates success, a powerful quote stopped me in my tracks: "You get rewarded in public for what you do in private." This statement, simple yet profound, echoes a truth that resonates deeply, not just in our everyday lives of the dunya but also in our spiritual journey as Muslims.

The Iceberg Effect: What Lies Beneath Counts

Our lives are much like this iceberg. The actions we perform in private – those unseen, unapplauded efforts – form the bulk of our character and faith.

In the Dunya: Mastery Behind Closed Doors

Consider any skilled professional, be it an athlete, poet, or entrepreneur. Their public excellence is the result of countless hours of private practice, failures, and perseverance. These hidden moments of dedication are what truly shape their achievements. The public rewards are merely a reflection of their private commitment.

In Our Deen: Sincerity in Seclusion

Islam places great emphasis on the sincerity of our actions, particularly those performed in private. 

This concept is beautifully encapsulated in the practice of Tahajjud. It's a time of solitude and sincere supplication, away from the eyes of the world. Here, the believer builds a private connection with their Creator, seeking no worldly recognition but rather divine closeness and reward.

Private Deeds and Public Influence

Interestingly, our private deeds have a ripple effect on our public lives. When we nurture honesty, patience, and empathy in our personal practices, these virtues naturally manifest in our public behavior. A person consistently kind in private will exude genuine warmth in public. This congruence between private and public selves not only enhances personal integrity but also inspires others through authentic leadership.

Reflection: Nurturing Our Private World

As we reflect on this, let's ask ourselves: Are we investing in our private selves as much as we do in our public image? Are our private deeds aligned with the values we publicly advocate? I know for me the answer is sadly no.

As we navigate both the dunya and our deen, let's remember that the seeds of greatness are often sown in the fertile soil of privacy, away from the public eye.

Pic of the Week

they were made for eachother…

IG Content Calendar for Muslim Creators:
365 Shorts Ideas + 100 Viral Hooks

Ok hear me out. My little sister creates content for Muslim brands and has been killing it over the past year (see proof below)👇

So as it’s still the beginning of 2024 she’s gone ahead and created a complete 1 year calendar of Reel/TikTok video ideas applicable for any Muslim creator such as:

  • Freelancers

  • Personal trainers

  • Mentors/coaches

  • Small business owners

  • Consultants

  • Service based business owners

  • Content creators

📅 What You'll Get:

  1. 📚 365 Tailored Content Ideas

  2. 📈 100 Viral Video Hooks (written by me btw)

Also also also, it’s £15 but i’m taking off another £5 for the FG audience for the next 100 orders that use code ‘FG’.

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