🎙 Dare to Dream Big: The Art of Risk-Taking

why the biggest risk is not taking any at all

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Take The Risk!

“The greatest risk is taking no risk” said Dr Asif on this weeks episode of the pod.

and thats what i wanna write this edition about.

Staying in your comfort zone might feel safe, but it's the fastest way to mediocrity.

To rise above, you need to stare fear in the face, and say, “Not today.”

The Mindset Shift

In our latest episode of FG, Dr. Asif laid it out clearly: taking risks isn't about being reckless; it's about being bold and strategic.

Strive for a life where you call the shots.

The Reward: Beyond Financial Gain

But let’s get one thing straight – the reward for taking risks isn’t just financial gain.

It’s about achieving a sense of fulfillment that goes beyond the material.

It's about having the freedom to practice your faith without compromise, to pray when you want, to live a life true to your values.

As Dr. Asif pointed out, "What’s the point of having worldly success if it means losing your soul in the process?"

The Big Fish in the Small Pond

Asif also reminds us that it’s better to be a big fish in a small pond than just another fish in the vast ocean.

In a world that celebrates the biggest and loudest, find your niche and dominate it.

Own your space, make your mark, and let the world take notice of your unique flair.

So, my fellow Freshly Grounded members, take a page out of Dr. Asif Munaf’s book.

Embrace the risk.

New FG Episode: Dr Asif Munaf

Pic of the Week

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  • pointless fact of the day: Bananas are berries, but strawberries aren’t.

  • We are in the best 10 days of the entire year, make the most of it with lots of acts of worship

  • Adobe users are not happy with this change in their T&Cs

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